Palo Santo
[Palo santo]

Palo Santo

English designation

Holy wood, Palo Santo

Part extracted


Common origins

Ecuador, Peru

Botanical classification

Kingdom: Plantae

Division: Magnoliophyta

Class: Magnoliopsida

Order: Sapindales

Family: Burseraceae

Genus: Bursera

Habitat and botanical description

Palo santo is a tree found in Central and South America that can measure 25 m high. Its wood is very hard and its bark is thin and flakes off in strips. It produces fragrant gums rich in oleoresins, hence their name "turpentine tree". It grows on arid soils.

Mythology / history / anecdotes and traditional virtues

From the same family as Frankincense frankincense and Myrrh and considered sacred, Palo santo (Bursera graveolens) is a tree with healed virtues ..

Olfactory / perfume notes

Odor: resinous, floral, fresh, woody, light

citrus, reminiscent of incense


routes Dermal route: +++

Inhalation: +++

Diffusion: +++

Properties in scientific aromatherapy

Analgesic, anti-inflammatory


tonic Keeps insects away

 Properties in energetic aromatherapy

Powerful regulator of the nervous system, soothes in the event of stress, nervous tension, psychological suffering and restores energy in the event of overwork, depression, dissolves conflicts of the mind

Brings relaxation and meditation, promotes concentration on the essentials, clarity of mind and serenity

Purifies, removes negative energies

Develops creativity, inspiration, sensuality, openness in particular to help think outside the box, joy, euphoria

Gives a feeling of being protected regardless of external circumstances

Builds confidence, helps to step back from collective unrest

Helps to become aware of one's judgments and a priori and to recognize oneself in others

Dissolves the individualistic spirit, awakens the community spirit

Connects the heart to the spirit, gives the clarity necessary to perceive the message of the heart

Allows recognize the acquired values, the riches that belong to us

Develop the ability to feel the uniqueness of the Universe

Open the way to infinite possibilities

Help to perceive the invisible and the intangible

10 sticks



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